Omar Qureshi

Chiropdist and Foot Specialist

Omar Qureshi was born and raised in Toronto Ontario attending York University where he completed his undergraduate degree in Cell Biology in 1998. He graduated from the Michener School of Health and Applied Sciences in 2001 in Chiropody. Omar has been practicing as a Chiropodist since 2001 with Residency programs at the Toronto General Hospital and Toronto Rehab. As a Foot Specialist, Mr. Qureshi has a special interest in Abnormal Biomechanics of the Foot. Omar has had vast experience working in various Clinical settings including Family practice and Rehabilitation Centres. Omar has lectured on Foot related Pathomechanics and its impact throughout the body incorporating his lecture into Health Wellness talks to various businesses. His lectures have also been focused on Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, and other Regulated Health Care Providers helping to advance the Podiatric Medicine component of their Practises. Mr. Qureshi has worked in various capacities offering services from young children to College Level Athletes. He has worked with the Bounce basketball program in Brampton Ontario which helped develop Canadian youth for the USA College level and the NBA. During his downtime, Omar enjoys golfing and writing

Are you looking for a Physiotherapist Assistant that is passionate about client care? I can work with you independently or with the Physiotherapist to ensure you leave the clinic feeling good.


Are you having trouble with certain exercises? I will be able to take the time to walk through those exercises with you to ensure you are able to do them independently and correctly.


If any of the above apply to you, I am the right PTA for you! My name is Carly Elliott and I am a Graduate from the nationally accredited Occupational Therapist Assistant and Physiotherapist Assistant program at Fleming College. I also hold a Pre-Health Sciences Certificate from Loyalist College.


I have experience through my many placements, clinical hours, in class activities and now real life involvement that will ensure I am competent to work with you and help you reach your Physiotherapy goals.


I look forward to meeting you and seeing all your friendly faces at the Clinic!

Hello, My name is Abhi, I understand my clients absolutely need a personalized care plan rather than a cookie cutting approach. I don't rush or double book my clients. Helping patients has been my passion for the last 23 years.

I started my carrier as a hospital physio. I moved on to more outpatient clinical practice where I became efficient in finding the reasons behind dysfunctions and pain patterns, weak spots in a movement chain that need to be strengthened to prevent re-injury.

In the past 23 years, I’ve:

  • Worked with over 25,000 patients in different settings, helped them to improve their understanding  around their injury, hurt is not equal to harm and pain is not proportional to injury, enable them to self manage symptoms, educate to prevent re-injuries, based on current evidence-based practice.

  • Helped countless vestibular and BPPV patients to throw those naughty crystals back in to where it belongs .

  • Helped with hundreds of work-related and Motor vehicle accident injury patients to get them to regain functions.

  • I’ve helped hundreds of people with aches and pains, before and after surgeries for shoulder ,hip & knee, and nerve surgeries to improve their health related quality of living

Abhi Surabhi

CEO and Senior Physiotherapist

"I know what my patients are looking for, and I know how to help them in a way that is quick and effective"

Hello, I am Sinu. I am a Registered Practical Nurse and office manager of the clinic.

I have been practicing as a Nurse for the last 20 years and helping thousands of people.


I am working with Professional Physio clinic as the Administrator, Managing the background work to make sure things are going well, and our clients are happy campers.

Please feel free to send me an email if you have any suggestions or if you think we can improve in any areas of care, I will make sure it is taken care of -


 My email is

Sinu Madhu

Registered Practical Nurse

Office Manager and Admin

My name is Bhakti Sura, Registered Physiotherapist with College of Physiotherapy, ON. I've been a member of Long Branch Rehab team as a Registered Physiotherapist with the Post Graduate Degree in Work Place Wellness and Health Promotion from Centennial College.

I am a motivated, hardworking and dedicated Therapist, well equipped to deal with vast variety of health condition ranging from simple Acute Muscle and Joint Injuries/ Conditions to any Chronic conditions. Having worked in various Hospitals and Clinics in India and Canada over 3 years,

I believe in adding years to lives to enjoy what you love the most and being a natural exercise therapist will help you achieve that along with various techniques I learnt. Being a wellness and health promoter, I dream to achieve even bigger goals for my clients.

Why should patients choose me as their provider instead of others in the area?

I believe in treating the cause of the pain rather than only its symptoms. I try to evaluate its root cause to plan and treat with the use of best of my knowledge and skill.Various techniques along with exercises helps for faster and better recovery. I always plan customize anatomically and bio-mechanically correct exercise for each clients with proper mixture of stability exercises gives definite results and prevent/ reduces the risk of any re-occurrences.

Hello, My name is Conny, I am an ergonomic specialist.

Through years of experience we know it isn't enough just to provide an assessment, or a piece of equipment to an employee. 


Positive long lasting change involves both knowledge and participation. So whether you need a specific topic addressed  or a complete wellness program we have the answer for you. 


Changing workforce demographics, an increase in chronic diseases, and rising claims costs means that keeping  employees safe, healthy and well is critical for the bottom line.


Let's improve productivity, decrease absenteeism, and reduce illness and injury in your workplace.

To read more about my services click here.

Conny Glenn

Ergonomic Specialist

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