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We can provide Home visits for you.

Have you ever wondered which is physiotherapy clinics near me? If you live in any of these places listed below, you are never far from our home visits. We provide home visits for patients after Motor Vehicle Accidents, Critical Illness, or any illness which restricts them from going to a community clinic. We can provide physiotherapy in the comfort and safety of the home. Our goal is to provide early, safe, and professional help for those who can not attend physio at a clinic for various reasons.

These are the communities around Belleville we can reach:

  • Quinte West

  • Prince Edward

  • Picton

  • Deseronto

  • Corbyville

    • Point Anne

    • Rednersville

    • Honeywell Corners

    • Bayside

    • Centre

  • Ameliasburg

  • Bayside

  • Cannifton

  • Centre

  • Chatterton

  • Corbyville

    • Crofton

    • Foxboro

    • Honeywell Corners

    • Mountain View

    • Point Anne

    • Rednersville

    • Rossmore

    • Thurlow

    • Wallbridge


We provide care for various conditions all centered around function. After surgery patients, deconditioning due to a long stay at the hospital, a recent fall, or fractures, and surgery-related decreased function.

We provide education, fall risk assessment, and fall prevention education, pain modalities, functional strengthening, range of motion, and strength training.


Please call us to know more about this. We are happy to assist you.

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Hours of Operation:

M-F: 7am-8pm

Saturday: available on demand
Sunday: closed

Phone: 613 689 9916

Fax: 613 689 3527

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