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Don't Forget to Use Your Benefits Before the Year's end.

Plans' benefits often reset at the end of the calendar year, so now is a good time to make sure you've used all your benefits before the year is over. If you have benefits left, here are some ways you can use them.



There is a myth in over society that Physiotherapy is to get fixed once you are broken, actually you can get the best out of Physiotherapy if you can identify what's the problem and start work on it way before it start hurting you. This will allow you to complete treatment in few sessions. If you think you may benefit from an assessment ,book with us for the remaining few spots. Therapy insurance policies help people get the appropriate care they need, but the benefits that plans provide must be used before they expire! If you need a particular treatment, such as Massage therapy, pain treatment, dizziness and balance treatment, this is the best treatment to use your benefits for. If your remaining benefits cover only few sessions that you need, you might be able to have thorough assessment and few treatment sessions done before the year's end and delay the rest of the work until next year when your benefits reset. The early you start the treatment ,the fewer the sessions you may need.


If you haven't used up all of your insurance benefits for 2020, schedule an appointment with one of our therapists today. Our staff will make sure to get you in as soon as possible so we can provide you with the care you need and help you maximize your benefits.

Book an appointment now.

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