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16 Things You Don't Want to Hear About Why Physios are Pricey!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

One of the reasons why people tend not to seek Physiotherapy treatment is they might think it is pricey. In reality, the average physiotherapy session might cost you ranging from $49 to $90/session. But why such a big range. This mainly depends on Two reasons:

How many areas in your body you may need treatment for?

Physios charge per 15 minutes increments (mostly). If you only need education and self-management strategies to continue at home it might only take 15 minutes of assessment and instructions of therapeutic exercises. What if you have neck pain, back pain, knee pain, and a pulled muscle on your hand? This might take one hour or maybe more than one session to assess most of your aches and pains.

How chronic the nature of pain you have?

The human body is capable of producing natural pain killers and some people can take a lot of pain and still not take any pain medication. sometimes people do not have time to go seek medical help due to busy life schedules. The more you wait the nature of pain changes. Acute pain becomes sub-acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is way faster to treat and handle than chronic pain. This is because of the pain modulation mechanism of our own bodies. Guess what, the more your wait to see a physio the longer it takes to get the aches to subside. This often a barrier to starting functional regain and strength training.

Acute injuries like joint sprains, muscle pulls, woke up with aches, and sports injuries may take 3-5 sessions of physiotherapy treatment, depends on how simple the injury is. Whereas chronic pains like chronic low back, neck pains, chronic cervicogenic headaches, severe arthritic joints; might take anywhere from 6-10 sessions before you even feel relief. Most of the time nature of injury and delay in getting treatment is pricey than the actual cost of physio. What's the solution? Seek medical help ASAP. Do you know, you do not need a doc referral to seek physiotherapy services in Canada. Some insurance companies may insist to get a doc referral, but ask your physio about this, they should be able to get the information you need to know.

Why one group of muscles are in pain, in the first place?

The answer is so simple, You worked hard all your life and injured some of the muscles, now it's time to take care of those poor tight, short, and weak muscles.

What is the solution?

Get the pain under control. Get the muscles into a reasonable length. Make those muscles work and get strong.

Strengthening is the KEY!

Do you have questions?

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