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Why Mom Was Right About Only 6 Percent of Adults Do this !

Only 6% of adults do the recommended amount of strength training!

So for the other 94%, here's a really good read about WHY you should, and more importantly HOW you can do strength training!

If you would read one article about resistance strength training, read this one. This was published in The Ne York Times by Anahad O'Connor who is a best-selling author and reporter.

The 4 Common Myths about Exercises

1. Stretching before and after exercises helps prevent muscle soreness

2.You need an expensive gym to do exercises

3. You must do exercises every day

4. Aerobic exercises are better than resistance training

Read this article to see how these myths are busted and how bodyweight exercises can do miracles in your health.

Click this to read more ...How to get strong!

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